Gather Your Wits

I set a drift in a hurricane of emotion and inner turmoil fighting hard against bandits with blood filled mouths and out reached hands grasping for my dignity and pride

Falling short of unseen eyes while holding firm to beliefs 
that my mother and her mother before her crammed lovingly into my head
while force feeding me fairytale after fairytale of happy endings and bullshit
I stand alone holding to these ideas all the while knowing that my thoughts
survive on the marrow of stronger men who took refuge in themselves and not 
the banter of old men afraid of burning while spewing vomit of self interest 
Love while you can with as much of your heart
Tomorrow can never be given back
You alone stand holding the key to eternal happiness while facing
the abyss of forever alone in a sea of emptiness and darkness 
Gather your wits while standing
When you’re crawling begging for forgiveness from bandits
with blood filled mouths and out reached hands stealing
your dignity and pride while reciting the words of old men 
afraid of burning and spewing vomit of self interest 
You’ll realize that all along you held the key to your own 
freedoms and eternities in the empty thoughts of your own 
head while setting adrift on a hurricane of emotion and inner turmoil 
Find a quiet spot to sit still
Rejoice in thoughts of happiness 
Let sorrow and anger fall to the wayside 
As the children of sheep eat them up like candy