You are free

I said goodbye to you again

Our final goodbye 

At the edge of forever

Where the tide and shore dance

Making a fine line

Like a tightrope strung between our souls

Hearts breaking 

Tears like rain running down my face tracing the empty path of melancholy and deceit 

The whitecaps calling my name from the surf

All is silent except for the sound of ringing as the wind calmly touches my ear 

or is it your soft voice?
My head at war with my heart

Sitting on a lonely log

Alone on the beach

Watching the sunset and the stars keenly shine

As the full moon rests itself over the great Pacific my breath mimics the pulse of the tide

Breathing in and out

Letting go

My heart rests and I know that we’ve said goodbye for the final time

I set your ashes afloat into the western winds
You are free…