You <3 (Make Me Sick)

I’d rather fly in the sky

Than walk with the dead

On broken wings not able to carry the weight of my soul

I look to you with great love and admiration 

You lather me with your forked tongue 

With your harpies lies defile me with lies of love and forever

One promise of never giving in or giving up

I counted on you to stand tall and deliver

When all you delivered were your own interests 

Serving only your own needs while keeping me at a distance

Distances crossed and you never meeting me in the middle

Intentions of self interests and motives surrounded by lies of love and forever

Fuck you

Fuck you and your well intended kindness you deliver to strangers

Never to me unless it suits you

Fuck you

Fuck you and your will impressed upon wild imaginative whims of who you want me to be

Fuck you and your false hopes of love and forever

You make me believe

You make me smile

You make me feel

You make me want

You make me crave

You make me sick