dreams and nightmares 

I believe that it’s easier to love from the distance of a dream

Your heart is protected in a shell unbreakable by the paper arrow of Cupid

Only lost in a hopeless romantic slumber are we given the ability of free love

Unconditional until it’s tested by free falling into the oblivion of self

Giving up that piece of uncomfortable lost loathing in your heart

Throwing yourself into the waves of the oncoming storm of the unknown 

Forcing yourself to feel and be a new better you in the face of love

Willing to let the caterpillara of a painful past go to capture the beautiful butterfly of a wondrous future in a net devised of hope and endless love

We would rather live our lives in the hopeless dreams of what could be

Then live in the nightmares of a life filled with love and truth

Knowing it’s easier to love set far away from what could hurt us

Not giving in to who really loves us and what love really is

Oh, it’s much easier to keep your heart is protected in a shell unbreakable by the paper arrow of Cupid

Rather you give up a piece of who you are by marching into Hell and forcing the Devil to give back what’s been taken

Cupid and the Devil both have wings and a sting that bites deeply into your soul

Both in love with these notions of love they find

Wake up from your dream

Wake up from your nightmare 

Live a life well earned in love

and dream only to love deeper than an endless ocean of hope