Yeah, I skate…

The wind whistles cold against my ears

The pavement cold and unforgiving 

My board hits the ground

I’m off running to work

or to school

or wherever I want to go

I’m free from all the hassles that scatter my thoughts

My focus piercing the rim of my hat like a hawk preying on unsuspecting field mice

Olie on and olive off the curve

I smile with every crack

I hope they do break that bitches back

Four wheels screaming for freedom

My bearings hum with the excitement of exploring a new rail and a new wall


Reaching the bowl I drop 

Time freezes and I become an immortal 

Reaching just as high in the air as I am

Dropping hard but not blunt

I only have room for one kind of blunt in my life

I can’t hear or see anything

Only glimpses of shadows or maybe ghosts standing on the edge

I gleam into my own future and see nothing except this present moment

My own vision quest

Leaping out and onto the top of the wall I see no one


The ghosts and shadows are in my head


Heading home watching you stuck in your car

Honking horns and bumper to bumper traffic

I better keep an eye out at the coffee spot

That old lady almost hits me every single damn time she’s there

“Get a job!” she screams

and I just smile because I’m happy and free whiles she’s stuck in that box


Passing by faded no skating signs

Knowing that when I’m here on my board I’m alive

Skating is a way of life

Like the samurai drawing his sword with precision and deadly accuracy 


Yeah, I skate

but I’m not a criminal 

Skating isn’t a crime

You’ve made it a crime because you don’t understand

Maybe because it scares you a little

Maybe because you stuff your face with your coffee and doughnuts 

Maybe because you’re afraid to be alive

I am alive and I can fly

I’m my own brand of super hero

and this is our world now


Yeah, I skate…