The right decision never seems to come to me
My words
My thoughts
Hurt everyone I love
Everyone I know
It feels like no one in the world is listening
I feel like
Everything I think
Everything I believe
Everything I want
All of it seems out of reach sometimes
The only thing that never fails me is knowing what to say
Go ahead
Say it
I told you so
Fuck you
I bury my feelings so deep sometimes that not even I can see them
Sometimes I don’t feel
Falling to the bottom of an open bottle
Music falling of deaf ears
My words never being heard for what they are
Just like these stupid fucking words I write
They go nowhere
The reach
No one
Pain and struggle that we all know
Too well
Too true
I can see the wind blowing through the trees
But I don’t know if I believe there is something pushing it
We all feel alone sometimes
No one should ever feel alone
Tomorrow I’ll be drowning a million miles away
Tomorrow I’ll be drowning in a sea of regret
Tomorrow I’ll be drowning
Who am I kidding?
Tomorrow I won’t remember a fucking thing…