Thoughts on life and love

I don’t count my year by good or bad times. I just doesn’t make any sense to me. I can honestly say that my shitty vs. good days this past year were pretty even. Maybe, but does it really matter? So what? I had some really shitty times last year. I try not to look…

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The Dream is Over

Somewhere half way between a dream and a memory I waited for her Grasping at thoughts of redemption She begs me not to remember but it’s something I’m unable to forget Maybe I’m just unwilling Forgiveness is a journey I don’t travel well Placing my thoughts into my hands Believing the dream to be a…

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Do you remember?

Do you remember when we were seventeen? Punk rock music and skateboarding off of Short Vine We didn’t hold anything back Do you remember walking arm and arm? We passed out on the door step from drinking too much stolen beer We didn’t hold anything back We hated each other But we’re never seen apart…

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