Right Now (More Than I Deserve)

I want to be something beautiful 

Like a star

or the moonlight over the water

But I’m not

I have you

You’re beautiful 

Much more than I deserve

I’m gone

Far away

I’m gone so far

Still so close to your heart

I should never feel lonely with your heart

If it was that easy

Maybe it is

Maybe I think too much

You would give me your blood to sustain me

That’s what love is

That’s what your love is

Closer to my heart that my own blood

Giving up all other lips just to kiss yours

Only yours for the rest of my time

We aren’t promised tomorrow 

I don’t need tomorrow

You’re in my heart today

Right now

Loving me

Right now

Across an ocean of loneliness 

Right now

Wishing I was a bird to fly to you

Right. Now

Never alone because of you 

But right now…

Lay next to me in my dreams 

Until I can have your taste on my lips 

and scent in my beard

Right now I want you

More than you might know

More than I deserve