Morning Thoughts on Self Forgiveness

I’m sitting here in Medford Oregon looking out my window as the sun rises on Mount McLoughlin. I can’t help to think about how different my life is, and how different I feel. Forgiving myself was the best decision I’ve ever made. I’m healthier both mentally and physically. I have a partner, Carrie, that is loving and compassionate, supportive, and much more tolerant than I deserve. I am surrounded by the kids I love and love to spend time with. We have four dogs that I’m blessed to have around, and a rat we rescued. We have a garden that I tend, and gather fresh organic vegetables from. I get to write. I get to smile. I get to breathe. I root myself in the dharma, and I am thankful for the abundance the Universe has blessed me with. I don’t deserve any of it or any of the loving people in my life, but I am so thankful that the Universe feels I do.
Storms with come and go. Stay blessed and thankful.