Memories or Thought

My head spins like a top

Out of control

Memories or thoughts

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell the difference

We dance this slow death

As if there is music

Even though the hall has been silent

For days

I sit looking for you longingly

Out of the window

Of my minds eye

Waiting for an eternity of loneliness

Far away you sit

Cuddled next to someone or something

That isn’t me

That isn’t real

Manufactured in my mind

Often days I lay wondering if it was a dream

Were you here?

Did I hold you?

Kiss your perfect lips?

They quenched my thirst for death so many times

I feel like waking

but I know I’m not dreaming

Not even nightmares are this real

They hurt nothing like this

Anguish as angelic repentance crying from the pits of Hell

As I sit in what I believe is a memory of so many goodbyes

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