Neurons firing 

My brain focused on you

My drug of choice

Fixed on a notion of happiness

I dive into a swamp of emotion surrounded by dreams

Seeing only you in my minds eye 

I fall out of bed reaching for you

You aren’t here




I fall out of line

I fall out of space

Reaching for you

Reaching for me

Holding you close

Holding you dear

Holding you

Can anything be better than being in your arms?

Locked in your favor 

From the key you’ve given me to your heart 

That key

The most precious gift ever given



From space

Like a feather in the wind

Gathering no speed I fall for you

I have fallen

For you


Will you love me tomorrow? 

Who cares? 

You love me today

Tomorrow isn’t promised

Yesterday is gone

Today I held your hand

Tonight I hold you in my heart

My heart

Always in your heart

That smile

That smile…