It goes on…

if you’re a Buddhist, or if you follow Buddhist philosophy then you probably believe that life is temporary. It’s a concept you can argue, but it’s valid none the less. Even as you’re reading these words the world is spinning all around you, and you are a few seconds older. I’d like to share something that these past couple of years have taught me. They’re things I knew, but never really put into preactice. 

Shit happens. It’s a fact of life. We all get blind sided, and don’t expect many of the bad things that happen. Here’s the first lesson I learned. 

Everything changes.

It’s a simple truth, but one we often overlook. 
The second lesson is just as simple, and it speaks of life directly.

Life. It goes on.

We often get so wrapped up in our troubles we forget this.
Don’t beat yourself up. Shit happens. Life happens. Everything changes, and life goes on.

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