I Create Me

I am responsible for my own destiny.
I create my own reason for being.
It’s easy to call upon God to suffer
Your fears and your sins.
It’s much harder to face your
Fears alone. Standing in the
Face of pain and heartache,
We are alone.
We find solace in the company
Of other strangers. Fellow travelers
In this journey we call living.
We join with other and create.
We create homes, children, joy, and God.
God, here I stand in the vast expanse of space.
Looking out over the stars and other
Celestial bodies, I don’t see you.
I was reared and indoctrinated to believe.
I was poised to accept with a faith
Having no limits. To believe without question.
All there is now is the question:
I wonder if God believes in me.
Alone. When we are born, and when we die.
Are days are numbered with falling of each sun.
Running we try to capture every moment, like fireflies.
We store them in a jar, our cranial cavity.
We learn, we accept… We live. We, I, me, you…
Alone? Not always. Not in the light of a
Dogmatic ghost, but with the people we love.
The people who help shape us. Our fellow travelers.
In the end, we are alone, but we leave a fragment
Of ourselves. Perpetuating through space and time.
Endless. Energy.
Be kind. Leave behind a world without hate.
Love, live, and let it spread.
Let the love of a god be in you, be you.
Be… You.
Only I can make me happy.
I create the reason.
I am…