One Photograph

One Photograph….

I have only one photograph of you
It’s an old photo
 It’s an old black and white photo
 I don’t know when it was taken
 You were younger, we were young then
 This photograph was the you before I met you
 Your hair was shorter, but your smile is the same
 Sometimes I take the photo out and look at it
It makes me smile to think you might be thinking about me at that same moment
 I don’t think you are.
 By now I must have become a long forgotten memory
 But I still look at the photo of you with such fond memories
 After the smile fades and turns to a frown, I find tears
 Where are you?
How are you?
I never got to hold your hand
I never got to kiss your lips, I know they were soft
I remember you kissing my cheek after hugging me before you left.
 It was the only hug we were to ever share
 Yet you still taught me how to love.
You gave me the gift of letting myself go for another person, to love another person.
When I look at that faded photo of you, I see that
I see you
Not the you in the photo, but the you I love
When I look at that wrinkled photo I see you
I see you running towards me
I see you lying next to me under the night sky counting stars
I see you walking next to me, praying with me, and crying with me
Almost like you are still here, like you never left, and like I never gave up
When I see that old black and white photo I miss you
I miss my friend
You’re like some ancient dream  or a child’s nightmare haunting me
Sometimes I look at this piece of paper with your image on it and it takes me back to the time we spent together
It makes me wish it was real, and we were together
Just like we said we would always be, just like heaven, not real.
When I take out this old photo of you and stare deep into your eyes
I think mostly one thing
Thank you
I love my wife today the way I do because of the way I loved you then
You taught me to be a best friend first and to never give up on my dreams
When I look at this one photograph
I see myself
Thank you Holly…