Here Comes The Sun

The Sun kisses the horizon 

Shadows dance in love making fashion 

Stirring the imagination 

Drawing great expectations of a free Sunday

It is the dawn


All things new and exciting 

Awestruck I’m awaken next to such unyielding beauty

I follow the dancing light ascending your milky flawless form

Kissing the horizon of your curves 

As the sun fondles the hills and valleys 


Awake my feet hit the floor

Coffee brewing

The smell as ambrosial  as love

Your footsteps on the hardwood ring like heartbeats in my ears

As you appear like a goddess smiling bringing the Sun 


So many lonely days spent dreaming

Looking for a sign that a woman like you lives outside of abstract tales

Brought to life by men never peering into eyes of a woman such as you

As I sought to give up hope I caught your eyes brightly

and now here comes the Sun