Her Island of My Soul

In your eyes I find myself a castaway on an island of wonder

Lost in a sea of forever
Your blonde hair the waves carrying messages of love
In bottles made from the pearls of dreams come true
Following sea kissed beaches 
Following footprints left across the sand of my heart
Pouring like an hourglass
Watching time evaporate waiting to touch your face with my lips
Gathering shells and stones
Bartering with Poseidon to release you 
To let you alone walk these empty shores aside me
Knowing you are here all along just walking right behind 
My heart knows many truths that the sea hides
My heart keeps secrets only we share
My heart sings the songs of sirens 
Drawing near the time that escapes
As you catch me gazing off into the distance
As I watch you walking
As I see your eyes like the sun
Burning their love into my soul