Winding paths leading to beaches untouched by human footsteps 

Blowing sands over grasses tall and unkept telling secrets unheard
The ocean bringing treasures untouched except by creatures of the deep
I walk in the midst of danger holding close to my heart
Where is this path of truth and nobility? 
When does the end start to find a way deep into my mind?
Who is watching guard over my thoughts when I am wondering in deep water?
You follow close always lending your hand in form of words of love and kindness
My faith is bound in dreams of a better future 
As I live in a spectacular light existing only in the now
Forgetting a past that serves only to bind me to a man who doesn’t exist any longer
I cling to no one and nothing but find endless love n your smile
Watching as you walk quietly 
Your eyes focused on the sand as you step softly
Peering at the light that shines from your soul
Leading me to a place only our souls and gods cherish