As she walks away

The vision of her blue dress and the lingering ghost of her perfume is all that remains

As she walks away

Her soft kiss still rests upon my lips as the cool breezes carries the cottonwood blossoms falling around me like snow

As she walks away

Visions of endless sunsets we’ll never walk under and countless sunrises we’ll never wake to fade quickly

As she walks away

One time
One life

For her to see herself from my eyes

How she rests upon my heart

And joins with my soul

A dream never dreamed
A  love waiting to bloom
Such the cottonwood blossoms

As she walks away from me

Cruel that fate has left us broken and afraid
Cruel are the gods who mark us with Cupid’s arrow

Knowing that it’s mark is met
Knowing the pain is too deep

As she walks away she turns to smile
Her tiny blue dress flowing in the wind
Surrounded with the cottonwood that resembles snow

She blows me a kiss

A small gesture of hope and of love

As she walks away…