The Strange Universe

How is it that the Universe can bring a person into your life who seems in every way perfect for you, and reflects everything that your soul cries for. Then the Universe throws so many obstacles in your path that just touching that persons hand seems a Herculean feat?

Hearts are so easy to be broken and so difficult to repair.

Two people lost and afraid of what’s right in front of them.

When two people really love each other there aren’t any rivers that can’t be crossed, and there are no depths of Hell that you wouldn’t walk through. Time is the only enemy. Time and patience are the one thing I have. It’s the one thing I’m really good at. Waiting…

In March I was told I’d meet a Capricorn that would change my life, change the way I seen the world, challenge my heart and then repair it. She’s done all of these.

We don’t meet anyone by accident. No encounter is random. Some are brought into our lives just to teach us a lesson. Some are brought into our lives to help us grow. And a few, a very small few, are brought into our lives to make it better. To help us become something more. Every day I know her I’m a better man.

Even if it is the end…