I’ve met my thresholdSomeone has draw a line in the sand

Footprints in the sand?

Nah bitch, I’ve got claw marks on my back to tell where I’ve been
Your in approving glare only fuels my fire
Fading into nothing I rise from the ashes new slowly rising above the film of pond scum that pollute my eyesight 
You were my light 

My backbone 

but how can I count on you when you can’t even count on your damn self
Fuck that

Fuck you 
I’m even less here now than I was when this shit started 

You’re lack of affection speaks volumes on how you really feel
I wish we felt something  
I wish I was a butterfly 
I’d fly away and use my wings to create title waves in your heart 
In the tears you’ve never cried for me
It’s ok, baby, that ship has sailed
Go fuck yourself
I’d rather be alone than be a whipping post
Drink up

It’s cheaper if you just let it go

I’m a light to your darkness 
You just enjoy the dark too much
Anyone’s touch but mine I guess
I thought tonight I might see something different
Things were great with other men
and then you met me
I guess I’m not worth the time 
Too comfortable being miserable to indulge any of my cares
That’s ok
I have wine and gin to fill the gaps
I feel empty right now anyway 

I feel empty