Valentine's Day Special Short 18+

There is a certain comfort being in your late 30’s or early 40’s when you find that you know who you are, and put more value in quality rather than quantity. There is also something to be said in finding real love again when you’ve reached this point in your life. It’s a deeper love, a deeper understanding of love. I don’t mind saying that she’s more beautiful, and sexier than any woman that I’ve ever known. The way she walks, talks, hell, the way she does anything is poetry in motion. The strange thing is, she doesn’t see it. I don’t know how she couldn’t. She walks on clouds in my eyes. Other than the birth of my children my happiest days have been spent with her. The way she looks at me, that smile. I saw her smile before I saw anything else when we met.

Our evenings are most often spent marveling a cheap bottle of wine, and sitting in front of the fireplace. Sunday is our only free day so we spend the mornings chatting over coffee, and walking in the park close to our house. Long walks seem to be one of our favorite bonding times. One of the things that also get’s better when you’re our age is the sex. From late night quickies, tables in the park, or long nights alone in our bedroom, it’s so much hotter. It’s much more intimate and affectionate. The comfort in knowing exactly what you want, and not having to be afraid of asking for it is spectacular. The way that you respond to each other’s touch, and constantly crave each other are the things love stories should be written about.

I’ve never asked her about it, but for me this was the first Valentine’s Day that I got to spend with someone I truly, deeply love. I was excited. We hadn’t made plans, we rarely do, but we did know that we planned on spending it alone. I did the usual, sent her flowers and candy, and sent her an incredibly sexy poem. She wrote me a love letter that simply said “You’re the one that I want do do do! I love you!” It made me both smile and laugh. She has such a wonderful sense of humor. Our Friday ran late, and we didn’t get to see each other except long enough to say goodnight. Saturday morning was the typical run around and do errands time. As the day moved on she sent me a text that read “Meet me at the corner of Burnside and 4th. 7:00. Wear that blue suit I love.” I responded simply with a “J”

It was only a few blocks to walk. I left early to go downtown and have my shoes polished. I stopped into the haberdasher off of SW Broadway to pick up a new tie. I don’t wear them much anymore, so I thought I’d get something special for her. I walked down to the barber for a beard trim. I couldn’t gush enough to him about how wonderful she is. He laughed a little, and then went onto to tell me about his lady. As seven ticked closer I started walking to meet her. I spotted her before she saw me. She had her hair done, and bought a new dress. I walked up, tapped her on the shoulder, and then stepped aside. She looked seeing no one there and I stepped up and kissed her. She flung her arms around my neck, and kissed me hard. She always has the best kisses. I inquired about our date; she just smiled taking my hand leading me down 4th. I was surprised when we turned down Stark to 3rd and started walking to our favorite food truck location. I laughed because for us this was perfect. I pulled her close in front of the used book store and kissed her.

After eating at our favorite food cart I assumed that we were going for drinks. She smiled and said “Not tonight, Baby.” She leaned in close informing me that she had made reservations at a hotel, and that I should clear my schedule for the night, and probably the next day. I didn’t say anything I just grabbed her and kissed her. “You’re the best.” I whispered “Don’t you forget it!” she replied. I don’t, I never do.

I was surprised to see a taxi waiting. She really thought this out. This wasn’t like her, like us, we’re both rather impetuous. She really wanted tonight to be special. We both did. This is what love was supposed to feel like. Fireworks, explosions, whatever you want to call it, but all I know is this lady gives me butterflies. We drove a few blocks down the street making out in the back of our cab. What the driver didn’t see was me slipping my hand up her dress and under her jacket. After getting out of the cab we practically sprinted to our room. She started to undress me, and noticed my tie. “Is this new?” she asked. “It is, do you like it?” I responded. “I love it. I have plans for it now!” she said winking.

We didn’t waste much more time on undressing each other. She stopped long enough to have me admire her new underwear. I admired them greatly as I picked her up, and placed her on the bed. I slowly removed her pink thong with my teeth, kissing my way back up her legs. I hadn’t noticed that she brought my tie into the bed with her. After a few minutes of pleasuring her she whispered “Hey, tie me up, will you?” She knew I would, I’m always up for an adventure with her. I rolled her over, and pulled her hands behind her back. I used my tie just as it was when I took it off. I clutched the double Windsor tight around her wrists, so that I could use the longer end to pull on. I find this useful because you can pull the rope with one hand, and pull her hair with the other.

After about an hour I thought she was going to collapse, so I untied her. She pushed me to the bed, and jumped on top of me. We had never made love like this. This was different, animalistic and raw. We hardly spoke, we let our sounds of pleasure do all of our talking. We know each other well. We know our sounds, and how to read each other. Our body vibes have a music all their own. We moved around the bed and room as if we were dancing a ballet of the Kama Sutra. By the time Sunday morning rolled around we were exhausted, but still hungry for more. Over coffee we joked about how much house cleaning was going to need to clean.

Watching the steam from her coffee rise up into her face was amazing. I was always falling in love with her. Every time I see her under a new light, every time she breathes, I fall in love all over again. This Sunday morning was no different. I didn’t know where the rest of the day would lead, but knew right then that there was no doubt that my heart had found its home. When she looked back at me I knew that she felt the same. Our Sunday was just starting.