Untitled and Unending

Through an existential haze of love and lust our wires cross
Becoming more than what was and extending to what will be

We fall into a deep pit of dreams and find our own light in the darkness
Climbing up jagged cliffs of broken hearts and ancient desires we penetrate into nothingness

No mountain seems too high and no sea too deep
Even the moon is as close as out hearts

Spiraling downward into a hopeless deadlock of unyielding obstacles we stumble into a blind rage of wind and ice
Backing into a corner painted by the unseen hands of the Universe

My hand reaches for you
You fall away deep into your own self doubt

Standing on the edge of nowhere and forever I reach deep into you and touch your soul
You emerge from your cocoon as a butterfly full of new passion and love

We walk hand and hand along the expanse of and unending ocean
Our feet leaving no footprints in the unmoving sand

We move like our souls are joined together in harmony
And we dance to the sounds of waves crashing on the things we leave behind

And we watch as our path begins again
New and untouched