She stood alone



and Soul

In front of the Universe

She stood

and Afraid

She walks countless beaches looking for lost treasure
She waits for something real

Something true

She gathers the lost children of the Ent
Putting them back together in sorted menageries that resemble her scattered thoughts

and her long broken heart

Walking with sticks
Lost in thought

but she hasn’t lost her way

One by one she places her lost children in bags and returns home
She gives them new homes
New lives
New purpose

She gives herself new purpose
She gives herself


Three lost sheep follow her
She guides them now that she can see

The great veil has dropped

She can see

She can live

Finally live

Moving forward

She needs no one to walk with her
She is strong alone

As she is

She looks out over the great Pacific to the lighthouse
She looks for someone to walk with her

Not to bring her strength

but to love her as she is

Strong yet frail

Peering into the soul as if it were a window

Seeking only to know her
To know her presence

Finding the cracks that tell her story
Hearing that story
Line by line
Offering only friendship and kindness in return

Forms of nostalgia dance like fireflies in the night
As memories often do
…but he only seeks to know her soul

Her true form


This was written for a very close friend of mine. She’s touched my soul, as few do. So few people strive to be close friends anymore. It’s nice to have this friendship with her.