Old Habits

Old habits die hard

Loving you was a habit

that won’t die

Your body

Your flesh

Kissing your lips

Licking your smile

These are habits that won’t die

On the beach alone

With your smile

I held you close

My hands exploring you

as the waves moved fast crashing around us

A fountain of love arose from our union

And you whispered softly in my ear

“I love you”

as we lay motionless on your secret beach

It was our last day together as we were

but what are we now?

Where are we?

You have a piece of me in your heart

and I carry a piece of you in mine

but can you tell me one thing you remember about me?

Not the things I love to do

but the things I love

Can you tell me anything about my smile?

My secret thoughts?

I’m sure you can

We remember

We hide it away

Whenever our eyes meet the eyes

of a new lover

But you, you will always be my favorite habit

and they say old habits die hard

My bed is so cold without you…