Heaven from Hell

I have a ravenous desire to taste you

Like sweet honeysuckle in mid-April

Pulling your hair and drawing you close

Biting your lip while craving the soft touch of your flesh

Looking deep into your eyes I see the birth of stars
and tasting your lips I envision the very kiss of gods
creating a celestial consciousness

Your simper draws me in closer

While your playful titter echoes harmoniously

As my lips stroll carelessly across your neck

As my hands move slowly to your breasts

I follow in slow motion as we drift towards our bed
As you guide me by hand, enticing me with your smile
While a dozen white candles cause our shadows to dance

Like our souls in league with demonic forces

Trusting and pulling our bodies merge

Falling into a flawless pattern of perfection

We meet on a battlefield of dragging nails and gnashing teeth

You find your way into my dreams
Watching me from the dark side of the moon
Peering from shadows cast across a great divide of mountain tops

Burning like a thousand shooting stars

Our bodies become weak
While we slow to a quivering mound of panting flesh
Clinging to one another like a bandage to a wound

Never wanting to release ourselves from this Hell

Where we’ve found heaven on earth

In the burning grasp of fearless desire

In the heaven we’ve created forever…