Goodnight Ophelia

Gale force winds blow the trees
I’m surrounded by the sounds of gods
The river runs swift and the white caps rise quickly

Neither the Wind or the River hold on

My heart is a collection of memories
Both good and bad

Drifting in and out of love it survives sorted forms of alienation from streams of endless heartbreaks

The soft music of birds play softly in the background from the forest while the soft unheard footsteps of insects cascade drumbeats only they and Ophelia hear

Drowning deep in a shallow river

Ophelia’s madness was understood to no one but her

Her burden of unrequited love was too deep
Unlike the Wind and River she couldn’t let go of her broken heart and shattered dreams

The sun will rise tomorrow without her

A leaf floats aimlessly down the river with no direction and no fear
It doesn’t care where it’s going or where it’s been

Why won’t my heart and soul flow as freely?
Why can’t my heart let go of the one who hurts me?

It’s raining now
Light and cool

I can cry

The rain will hide my sadness

I grow so tired of hiding

The earth doesn’t judge me, but it does bare as my witness
My eternal guardian

I can see her drifting from my dreams
Standing in her white dress on the side of the river she calls out to me

The Wind and River carry her voice away

Why can’t they carry away my heart?
Why can’t she?

Goodnight Ophelia

May the cold bitter sting of life rest in your heart any longer