Falling Deeper

A Shadow of hope follows you as you glide out of the room

Soft light and softer lips fall with pondering joy upon my lips

Your skin lightly brushing mine as you lean in to touch my face

Soft like the cello playing you touch my heart in boundless measures

The glass you drink has my jealous attention

As the wine kisses your lips I stare in admiration

Finding my own thirst being quenched by your smile

I lick my lips just dreaming to kiss yours

As I rave of your beauty you smile

Blushing you look away unbelieving

Yet, you know my words carry my truth

Helen of Troy would have been jealous of your beauty

You don’t see that the sun only shines in your presence

That the clouds always part with reverence

The wind blows wild telling tales of your unmatched glory

and I watch in marvel holding your hand falling deeper in love