December… and half way through January.

December was been a busy month. Just a few things I’ve done are photograph Touch of Class Choir.
I love this choir. Awesome people and awesome musicians. If you get time, you should really go see them or sign up to sing with them.

I also got to photograph one of my best friends Fawn. She’s also a fellow photographer.
Like many of us, she’s not so easy to get in front of the camera. I don’t understand it with her,
because she’s very beautiful. We shot in an old apple orchard next to the Columbia River.

I also shot my good friend Andrew. He’s a hoot to work with, and will actually be helping me a lot in the future.

I got to shoot my rock star friend Jeni, and her friend. It was fun because I adore Jeni and we were invaded by homeless people.
They wanted photos taken of them with the women. It was a good time. I hope to get out again soon with them.

January has started out slow, as usual.

I have photographed a woman, a friend, for her maternity shoot. I think we’ll be getting together every couple weeks to shoot photos.
She wants a running photo log of the progress and I’m excited to shoot it.

I scouted a few locations in the Gorge for an upcoming magazine cover. I’ll post some of the photos for your review.

I’m still working my day job. I don’t ever plan on quitting, I love it there. I hope they plan on keeping me as well lol

I guess that’s it up until now. My wife and kids are healthy and I’m pretty good, all things considered.

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