What am I to do?

I’m going to plan, for now, to update my blog every other week. I’ll start migrating the stuff from my old blog as well.

This week I though I would talk about things I carry in my trunk that most people I know (back in Ohio anyway) might not carry in their car that never seem to leave mine. Well, I never leave them in my car, but they usually go with me lol

These are in or on my backpack…

An ice axe
Ropes, harnesses, and other stuff needed to climb or foolishly tie myself up on the sides of cliffs (What? Do you think some of my shots can be found trail side? Not!)
A snow shovel
Snow shoes
Snow probe
Trekking poles
A head lamp and a hand crank flashlight
A weather radio
Tarps, various sizes
A tent and sleeping gear
Three changes of clothing with sandals
A portable stove and food
A bear canister (to hold the food)
Bear mace
A picnic basket with plates and plastic wear
A water filter
Nalgene water bottles and a bladder bag
Maps and cases
Books on birds, trails, and almost everything else
A giant first aid kit
All sorts of extra photography equipment and tripods
A wildlife blind
Rain gear, a heavy jacket, and boots

I know I’m missing something.

The weather and terrain change so much it’s always good to have a lot of gear with us. We have been know to start off of Mt. Hood and end up on the beach. Life is good…

Anything you think I should carry but isn’t listed?