Bar Confessions

Goodbyes echo like sirens

I can count every expression in the mirror behind every bottle placed on the shelf of the bar

but I still can’t forget your face when I said goodbye

One day I’ll leave the earth

I’m able to get past all my sins

But that expression will haunt me in my next life

You wanted me to leave but still seemed surprised when I left

I didn’t tell you I needed you

I didn’t tell you I wanted you

I just left

I see people laughing in the mirror behind the bar

Happy faces everywhere

Except the one looking back at me

Lost love letters

Lost words

You said you wanted to leave it and as much as I fought it I did

Where’s that leave me?

Alone again

Another gin and tonic

Another bar

Another sleepless night

I sit here alone tracing lines in the rings of moisture left from my glass on the bar

Sitting in a room full of people I understand that I am alone

but I’m still not lonely

Like that last turn dollar bill I tipped with

Let them say what they want

I still love you

and it’s killing me

Copyright Tanis Justice 2018 all rights reserved