I follow you with my eyes as you walk across the room
Tonight was a night we had talked about

I had many dreams about

You moved slowly
Like a lost memory returning to my conscience
Your smile
Your eyes

As you brushed my legs with your gown
The hair stood in anticipation
My breath went shallow

We paused for a brief moment
As if to let our eyes make a love all their own

Your hands brushed over my head
And you wrapped your arms around me
Pulling me close

Much closer than we had ever been

Your breath on my neck
As I kissed your cheek

Then your lips

We gaze deeper into one another’s eyes
As deep as the ocean
Burning like a thousand suns

Just like our passion

My passion

I pulled you in
You collapsed into my arms

I collapsed into your heart

No dream could replace
The softness of your skin
The warmth of your breath
The electricity on your lips

As our bodies joined together
You pulled me closer
As close as any sinner in confession

Confessing our love

Slow motions of cascading kisses

Our eyes meet again and again
As long lost lovers
Lonely and sad
Then joyful and alive

No sadness can live here

There is no room between us
No room for


Mon amour