It’s 4 am and it must be

another night I didn’t sleep

I can hear the street sweeper

humming by my window as the

street lamps gaze causes a

faint silhouette of images that

seem to dance outside my window

Ghostly visitors laughing at my

inability to catch even the slightest

amount of rest from a day of

Well, whatever yesterday was…

Or is it still today because I haven’t

slept at all?

Either way I’ll soon see the sun

rising in the eastern sky causing

the shadows on the western side

of the mountain to dance until they

eventually cower to the suns radiant

beams exposing all the illusions that

vanish in your light

This night of storms raging like a war

in my head fade with the chill of the

night as the sunlight warms my face

Bringing me back to a place where I

had nearly lost myself only to discover

a new desire of hope in the man I can be

Alarm clocks calling

Car doors slamming

Coffee brewing

I guess that’s my call to the wild

My call back to the reality that another

day has started and an endless abundance of possibilities lay before me as the very roads I drive on

“Life is too short to last long”

So I better get moving

Copyright 2018: Tanis Justice all rights reserved