@skatertrainerI was excited to get these for our autism charity Autism Skates. I was also faced with something very real, and that was that I’m not a really great skateboarder. Nothing like I want to be anyway. The gang over at SkaterTrainer were really great about answering all of my questions and concerns via email. We addressed my concerns about the kids with autism using them, and even a fat old guy like myself. After about a month of talking to them and other research I decided to buy a set for myself to test before I spent the money from Autism Skates.

They shipped super quick and the shipping was FREE. I got them and tried putting them on right away. They were pretty tight, so I used a little water to wet them so that I could install them. (Now please take note that I do have Asperger’s and it was likely me just having trouble. I watched a couple videos of 12 year old kids installing these without issues. The water trick really worked for me.) After I installed them I was pretty amazed how sturdy my skateboard felt with them on. I found that I really did feel safe and secure standing on my board with it being stationary.I couldn’t get it to roll or even budge without actually trying to ollie or some other trick I can’t do. It was really fun though. It made it my objective to try to get them to slip or fall off. They didn’t!

@skatertrainer@skatertrainer @skatertrainer

This is a product I really love and I would highly recommend you buying a set of these for yourself or for a loved one. If you want you can even order a pair for Autism Skates. I’ve been talking to the gang over there and they’re willing to ship to us.

I haven’t got to really play with them, and I’m really looking forward to see the boys play with them. This is a really exciting and fun thing for any father and son to try together. If you’re a parent with a child on the spectrum please consider these if they want to learn to skate.

For more information about SkateTrainers please visit their website:

For more information about Autism Skates please visit out GofundMe page:

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