Most vegans…

Most vegans are careless assholes.

Yes, I said it.

With most compassion stops at where they draw the line and doesn’t include all life. Sadly, most of the time that means other humans.

They treat people who think and act differently like trash instead of extending the exact compassion the claim to have.

If your compassion starts with your plate but ends at the door, or keyboard, when you interact with people IT IS INCOMPLETE. 

Compassion should be extended to everyone. Hating people who think and act differently than you makes you just as bad.

Hate is hate.

I’d much rather encourage an omnivore to try a vegan dish, and show them it’s much better than they believe rather than just hate on them for being an omnivore.

Opinions aren’t changed by hate or ridicule. They are changed by kindness and example.

So vegans, stop being assholes. Try some compassion for people, and if that doesn’t work, try a little more.