Autism and Charity

I am an adult with autism. I learned very young just how different and unique I was. As an adult I decided, after having a child of my own with autism, to give back and help others who lived life on the spectrum. I work with people who have autism, ASD, as an extension to their support system. I am not a not a licensed psychotherapist or medical professional. I am someone who will help you navigate the waters and help guide you, as an adult with ASD or as a parent of a child with ASD.


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We are currently working on our Autism Skate project. If you are interested in donating money, products (helmets, shoes, skateboards, etc), or time please contact me directly. Our email address is helpautismskates

The Autism Skate page can be found here.

Who are we?

We started Autism Skates because of the positive change I witnessed in my son Ian. Now Ian’s 14 years old, and the confidence he has gained learning to skate has affected his ability to deal with challenging situations appropriately. He has experienced balance physically and emotionally. Now that Ian is older he wants to be able to help other kids with autism in the way that skating helped him.

Our mission is simple.

We want to be able to help children of various ages and placement of the autism scale to gain balance, confidence, and help them learn problem solving skills. We want to be able to provide them with helmets, pads, and skateboards so that they can become active outside the house.

Why fund us?

Every person involved, from myself to a wonderful nurse, is a volunteer.  100% of everything donated goes directly into helping people with autism.

Everyone who donates will get a special thank you listed on our next video due out in January!

Anything helps!

Even just one dollar goes towards a helmet or elbow pads for a child who would be afraid to skate without them.

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