In The Shower

I can hear her humming from the other room. I imagine after last night’s events she’s pretty happy. We had so much wine. When I hear her humming I’m reminded so easily why I love her so deeply. From the day we met until this very moment, her smile as big as Everest, and that pink ribbon in her hair, I just can’t resist her. The way she touches me, and cares are unmeasured. As her humming slows I can hear the shower starting, and it drowns out any other sounds. I watch the steam slowly start to move as easily as thoughts through the air, and I am suddenly struck with the urge to be close to her.

As I walk down the hall I can hear her humming again. It takes me back to so many memories. So many adventures. So many walks in the park across the street. I stand in the door way listening to her hum, and watching her perfect form through the shower doors. As if she could sense my presence she slowly opens the door, and motions for me to join her. I walk to the shower, and slowly open the door. She smiles softly at me, and pulls me towards her. I push her against the shower wall kissing her hard and deep. As I pulled her arm above her head, and against the wall I run my other hand on her soft skin from her breast to her thighs. She pulls me in with her free hand, and continues to kiss me.

As the steam surrounds us we start to explore each other’s bodies. With my free hand I start to rub her clit softly, and she nods her head in approval. As I slowly move my fingers back and forth she moans softly. I move my fingers a little closer to her anxiously awaiting pussy, and she digs her nails into my arm. As I place my finger inside of her I push her arm against the wall tighter, and her nails dig in a little deeper. I lean in, and we kiss. She starts to bite my face, and whispering in my ear. It’s soft enough I can’t hear it over the shower, but I know she’s only telling me that she loves me. Making love is out of the question with such a small shower, but we take full advantage of the pleasure available.

The water starts to turn cold, so we shut the shower off, and she drops to her knees. She slowly strokes my cock, and then slowly starts to place it in her mouth. She pushes me against the wall, and my knees buckle a little. After a few minutes she starts to kiss her way up my body, and then meets my lips with her soft lips. We open the shower door, and start to make our way to our bedroom. Every square inch of our hallway is spotted with wet spots from our bare asses as we take turns pushing the other against the wall, and lavish each other’s body with pleasure of all sorts.

As we reach our bedroom door her eyes burn into my heart. I start to lose my senses, and I pick her up placing her on the bed.

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