Some Doors Should Stay Closed

Memories spring from the smallest things. We find them in smells, stranger’s smiles, or even the rain falling hard all around us. I hadn’t thought about her in months, and it might have been months more if it wasn’t for a chance encounter outside of the coffee shop off of 6th street. She was carrying a pink box of doughnuts; her smile was soft and subtle. I saw her before she spotted me. I tried to walk the other way, and she called out to me. Hearing her voice I was bombarded with memories that hadn’t crossed my mind in months.

We were driving down Highway 20 to the coast. We had finally planned a weekend away, and we were definitely in need of some alone time together. We reached Newport around 6:00, and in our motel near the great Pacific by 6:30. We didn’t waste any time ripping each other’s clothes off. We shut our phones off as soon as we reached town so that we weren’t disturbed. Tonight was simply about getting back to that basics of being in love. Healing a little of that hurt that builds up when the world beats on you.

I pushed her against the wall kissing her soft lips, and then moving to her neck. My hot breath on her neck caused her to dig her nails into my back a little. I kissed my way down her body, and met my lips to her moist pussy. Her body went weak, and she almost collapsed on top of me. I slowly kissed my way back up her body, leading to her neck, and then once again her lips. I picked her up, and walked her to the bed. Her arms went around her neck as she kissed me. I placed her on the bed, and she moved herself into the middle of the bed. She pointed to me, and then slowly motioned for me to come to her. I slowly placed my knees on the bed, and crawled slowly to her. I met her feet with my lips, slowly kissed my way up her legs, and running my tongue along her inner thighs. As she grasped the sheets with one hand she took her other hand, and guided my head into her waiting pussy. I joyfully kissed her moistness as I ran my arms under her legs, gripping them, pulling her in closer.

After several minutes she pulled my hair, and told me to kiss her. I moved my lips and tongue up her body stopping at her breast. As I kissed her breast she moaned, and pulled my hair again. I moved on to kissing her neck, and finally meeting her sweet lips with mine. Her body wrapped around me like a bandage, and I slowly placed my hard cock inside of her. Her head flung back in a quick jerk, and she moaned loudly. As I slowly moved my body, she wrapped her legs tighter around my back. We kissed, she clawed my back, I bit her lips, and then I pulled her legs around my shoulders. Her body flung back hard against the bed, and she screamed in joy. I increased my speed as her nails dug deep into my legs.

As I slowed her face lit with joy, and I knew it was her time. Her moaning was so loud that I couldn’t hear anything else. He nails dug deep into me, and I lost all interest in the world around me. All that existed was our bodies joining as one, and the bed underneath us was the very fabric that the universe was created from, our own collision of stars creating a new life from the motion of endless and true love.

It was then I heard the car horn. It brought me back to that rainy Portland street and her voice calling out to me. All those memories came flooding back as swift as the cold wind, and I hesitated while fighting back my tears. I looked at her and smiled. Then I turned to walk away. We separated for a reason. That door had closed. Some doors should always stay closed, but I’ll never forget the nights we spent wrapped together in the sheets making love. I’ll never forget the nights our love spread free and boundless. All the nights we pledged to love each other forever as I prayed to the alter of her body. I smiled as I walked away.

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