A New York State of Mind

Everything moves faster in New York City. Being an art dealer James had the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. Clara was a sommelier, and when James met her he fell madly in love. It wasn’t long before they decided that they couldn’t live without each other, and found an apartment that overlooked the city. The seventh story flat was ideal. All things considered it was much different than most places they looked at except for one. The balcony ran almost the full length of the western side.

Many nights were spent making dinner, and drinking the wines that Clara hand selected for each meal. They enjoyed their time together, and often spoke frequently of a future together. It was over one of these dinners that the subject of marriage arose. It wasn’t a subject importation either, but now that the penny was in the air they discussed it. After a few glasses of wine they laughed, and reminded each other about how lucky they really were.

One afternoon while James was out running Clara decided to surprise him with an early dinner. To James delight he returned home finding Clara nude on the balcony waiting. He walked slowly to her. He always marveled at her perfect form. To James God never created a more perfect woman than Clara. He hesitated for a moment only to swoop in, and take her in his arms. He pressed her hard against the balcony. Her bare ass pressed against the warm glass, and she found this pleasurable. They kissed deeply for several minutes, and then his hands started to explore her body.

As he softly ran the tips of his fingers up her thighs Clara thought she would melt. She turned away from him, and arched her body. James moved to his knees taking his tongue to the inside of her thighs, and wet pussy. As he slowly licked her he took his hands on the front of her legs pulling her closer. As he slowly rose he let his fingertips move up the backs of her legs, and onto her back. He lowered his pants, and moved slowly inside of her. He moved in slow subtle motions. She arched herself more, so that his hard cock would find itself deeper inside of her. As their motion continued to increase James reached up, and grabbed Clara’s hair pulling her even closer to him.

Clara’s mind started to wonder. She leapt from deep pleasure, to admiring the wonderful view, and then to the warm glass of the balcony. She imagined that his body was a fine bottle of wine, and her body was the decanter being filled. James gripped her waist, and thrust harder. With each hard thrust the perfect view of New York City dimmed, and the feeling of the warm glass became a faded memory. As she started to fade into lustful bliss she found herself moving her hips to his thrusts bringing her one step closer to the edge of the setting sun.

James pulled her tighter, and Clara found herself letting go of any inhibitions. All thought except for James left her mind, and she felt herself starting to cum. James grabbed her hair again knowing the time for her release was close, and marveled in her body as she gave way to herself. As she started to cum she slowed her motions, and James slowed his. As he started to cum Clara felt as if her glass was full, and she had the privilege of being served the best glass of wine she would ever taste.

Weak in the knees she started to slowly moved down the warm glass. The view and feelings all rushing back to her. James pulled Clara back into him, and they sat watching the sun rest on the western horizon.

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