Ten Years Coming

Julia and Albert were friends. At least that’s what they tell each other and everyone else they know. They met in a chatroom a few years ago, and they truth was that they lived too far apart to really ever find their ways into each other’s arms. That changed when Julia found herself going to Portland, Oregon for a week for training with the new company she took a job with. She messaged Albert over Facebook to let him know. She informed him of her hotel, her plans, and then hesitantly asked him if he wanted to meet for coffee. She knew Albert had a girlfriend, and knew it wouldn’t go anywhere, but she also knew that they had been chatting online for almost ten years and that they were really close friends. How could either of them pass this opportunity up she asked herself.

When Albert heard the news he was excited. He also felt a little strange about it. Ten years was a long time to know each other as well as they did, and still have never met each other. He was also in a dark space because his girlfriend of three years had just left him for the drummer of a local band. To Albert the part that bothered him the most was the band was really horrible, and they weren’t able to book a gig at any place in Portland. Not even wedding planners would let them play for free. They were really that bad. Secretly Albert knew that this was some kind of sign from the Universe, and that the woman he secretly loved was coming to town in a few weeks.

When Julia called Albert she thought back to that first time they chatted on the phone. For all of his online bravado Albert was actually fairly shy. She liked this, as a matter of fact she found it sexy. She never told him. He never told her how he felt either. Not the real way he felt. Not the real way she felt. How could they? She lived in Boston, and he lived in Portland. He couldn’t leave Portland because of his job, and she couldn’t leave Boston because of her ailing mother. With her mother’s passing six months ago Julia wondered what she would do with herself, so she took a job as a sales rep for a company that imported antiques from Europe. (By antiques the company really meant cheap knockoffs designed for resale)

Albert finally confided in Julia about his break up. Outwardly she was being supportive while inside every ounce of her feminine excitement was screaming. Albert felt the same way. He was excited like he’d never known before. They talked every day until the day came that Julia was to fly out of Boston. They didn’t talk for hours. As every second passed they found themselves dying in an eternity of lustful daydreams. Several times Julia found herself in the washroom on the plane joining the solo mile high club. When she finally arrived in Portland she rushed to the gate in anticipation of seeing Albert. He was nowhere to be found. She looked frantically for several minutes, and then finally saw him from across the room rushing towards her. She dropped her bags, and flung herself into his waiting arms.

They kissed for the first time. In so many years of wanting each other they kissed. Time stood still, and to Julia it seemed as if the room was spinning as they held each other. Albert knew then that he had loved her all along, and was struck with a sudden question. What would they do in a week when she left? He let it go. He trusted the Universe and its plan. They gathered her luggage, and made their way to Albert’s car. He dropped her off at her hotel and walked her in. He placed her bags on the floor, and they rushed to each other locking into an embrace that had never been experienced by either. They fell to the bed undressing each other. They laughed when Albert couldn’t unfasten her bra. She sat up, and helped him. His face went flush with embarrassment, until she pulled it into her exposed breast.

Albert kissed his way to her thighs. He made his time there useful, and made sure he teased her before making his way into her with his tongue. Julia had never experienced a man that was so willing to pleasure her so completely. He made his way back up her trembling body kissing her slowly. As his lips met her neck she was overcome with excitement, she pushed him up, and then onto his back. She climbed on top, and they made love as if they were lovers reincarnated from the very fabric of Adam and Eve. As she started to cum again he rolled her over, and entered her from behind. She gripped the sheets, and then reached back gripping his legs. She pulled at him with every thrust. She begged his not to stop, to go harder, and he was happy to oblige. As he felt himself closer to coming he led her onto her back. He pulled her legs up to his shoulders, and she screamed in joy.

Every thrust led them closer to a path the wanted so long to follow. Their carnal lust was driving each motion, each vocalization, and each sweet whisper of “I love you”. As Albert felt himself ready to release he could see on Julia’s face that she was cumming again. He fell into her arms like falling timber, and she wrapped him tightly in her arms. Nothing was said. Nothing needed to be said. Ten years of curiosity, and lust was just set afire on the satin sheets in her hotel room. They didn’t know where the rest of the week would take them. They didn’t think about what would happen after they let go of each other. All that mattered was that moment. There in each other’s arms paying at the altar of passion and love. Every sin set free, every joy taken, and every moment reliving itself within their slow gathering breaths.

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