Theater of Joy

Spending our few evenings alone usually start out with a walk around the city, drinks, and then some form of exploring one another in some hidden nook just away from public view. She had been asking me for weeks to take her to see a movie. We finally had a night free, so we decided tonight was going to be the night we see her movie. We also discussed the fact that this would be our first date night in almost a year that was simply just a date. It would be a break from our norm of quickies in alley ways and parking garages. I was more than happy to entertain the idea until I saw her in that powder blue cashmere sweater. I grabbed her hand, pulled her close, and kissed her neck. She giggled and told me that I’d need to wait.

We arrived at the theater early. I noticed while we were ordering popcorn that the place seemed dead, no pun on the current zombie movie by the way. I asked the young lady behind the counter, and was informed that Wednesday nights are usually pretty dead. She added that all the younger people would come in on the weekend. This was good news to me. She didn’t seem to even notice the conversation between the teller and I as our popcorn was handed to us. We moved towards theater twelve, and she seemed unusually quiet. I wasn’t sure why, but I always know that when she’s ready she’ll kindly let me know. We never fought. If she was upset she’ll talk to me, and I’ll always listen and try to understand. I loved to listen to her talk anyway.

As we walked in we discovered that the theater was empty. As I stopped to look around she made her way to the middle in the top row. This was odd for me. She usually liked sitting in the middle of the theater. I walked up behind her, and asked if everything was ok. She smiled, and assured me it was. As the credits started the usher walked in, looked around, and then closed the doors. She leaned over, kissed my cheek, and said “I’m not wearing any panties…”

As I turned to her she kissed me. I moved my hand up her leg, and started to lightly tickle her inner thigh. We kissed deeply, and she started to lick my lips. My hand moved into a more intimate position, and she pulled on my shirt. After a few minutes she looked at me, and simply said “Pull your pants down.” I didn’t hesitate. I stood up a little and pulled them down. “What about the movie?” I asked. “You dummy!” She laughed “Why would I care about this stupid movie? Our sex life is much more exciting.” and then she pushed my down. She leaned into my lap, and started sucking my cock. She was aggressive. More than I’d ever witnessed, and I liked it, a lot. After a few minutes she stood up, pulled her dress up, and straddled my lap. She reached down, and guided my cock inside of her. I moved out just a little, and she leaned forward resting her arms on the seat in front of her moaning.

She slowly started to grind her thin frame sharply into my body. Her blonde hair looked like a halo from the light of the big screen. I pulled her dress up enough to see her ass. I rubbed it a little, and then gave it a quick slap. I moved her dress up so that it was tucked into her waistband. I then moved my hand slowly up her back, and grabbed her by the hair. As I pulled her closer to me and myself deeper inside of her I spanked her ass again. The next slap was a little harder, and as I did I pulled her hair again pulling her closer to me. She moaned very loudly. We both slowed for a few, looked at each other, then around the room. We both laughed as she stood, straddled me again, this time face to face, and kissed me as she slowly took me inside of her again. She leaned back arching her back to the seat that is now behind her. I grabbed her hips pulling her into me. I moved my hand up under her shirt to discover that she meant no underwear at all. As I pulled her in deeper with one hand on her hip, the other explored her breasts. I pinched her nipples, and she rose into an even more excited state.

As we fell into a cadence of thrusts and moans I noticed that she was masturbating as well. This was a very exciting. It meant that she was very close to cumming. Even though we were trying to keep quiet I found at times we were drowning out the movie. As she started to cum her body quaked, and speed increased. She slowed down, and I stood up. She arched sharply over the seat; I thrust in very deep, and increased my own momentum. She went from trying to be silent to full on orgasmic screams. As I joined her in cumming I slowed down, and realized that she was arched enough that I had to pull her up and close to me. We heard the doors opening, and we scrambled to get my pants up. The usher looked up in our direction, held up his flashlight, and giggled. As he walked out she snuggled in next to me. “You tricked me.” I said half laughing. “You loved it!” She said joyfully. “I love you, that’s for sure!” I replied. “You better, you big dummy.” She said laughing again. “You better”

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