Heating Up The Kitchen

Being a chef has its advantages. Granted, there are many disadvantages, but in my humble opinion the perks far exceed them. One of my favorite perks is bringing my lady into the kitchen when the restaurant is closed and cooking for her. I love listening to her hum and sing while I work my magic in the kitchen. The smell of garlic and herbs, the sonance of the oil in the pan heating, and her voice are as close to heaven I believe I’ll get sometimes. I can hear her selecting wine from behind the bar. The glasses clink together as she sways back into the room. Frank Sinatra is singing “Like Someone In Love” from the other room. After she places the glasses on the counter near me she turns and hops up on it.

“Could you open this for me?” She asks with that smile.
“Of course, but does that shirt open as easy as it looks?” I said.
“Why don’t you come find out?” She asks playfully.

It’s always hot in the kitchen. I think it’s about to get hotter.

I shut the stove off and walk over to her. As I place my hands on the counter I move them to her hips, and she places hers on my shoulders. She pulls me in closer by my shirt and we kiss. She moves her hands up to my face, lightly licks my lips, and then kisses me again.

“Are you sure that we have the place to ourselves today?” She asks cautiously.
“I’m sure.” I reply. The truth was I didn’t know.

She slowly starts to unbutton my shirt, and kisses my chest. As I run my fingers through her hair. She kisses her way back up to my neck, and I lose a little of my control. I kiss her hard, push her back onto the counter, and pull her skirt up. I slowly remover her thong, and kiss my way back up her legs as I lower myself to my knees. I taste her wetness she moans pulling my head in closer. My beard tickles her a little, and as she giggles she tells me not to stop. She rubs the top of my head, moves her hips a little, and moans thankfully.

I can tell she’s growing closer to her climax, because her breath is getting heavier. Her hips are moving more, and her body is arching. I pull her a little closer to the edge, and place my hands on her firm ass pulling myself in closer. Her blossoming perfume of wetness is driving me crazy. As she starts to cum she pulls me up by my hair.

“Take me! Take me hard!” She demands.

and I do…

I slowly undo the buckle of my belt. She’s licking her lips, pinching her own nipples, and watching me with anticipation. As I drop my pants she reaches for my cock stroking it. I smile as I slowly place it inside of her. Her whole body arches back, and she moans with excitement. I keep my pace slow causing her to plead for me to go faster and harder. I answer her pleads with pulling in closer, and speeding up. I take her legs and place them up on my shoulders. She screams in excitement. I thrust harder and deeper. She reaches out and drags her nails across my thighs pulling me closer. She starts to sway her hips a little, and begs me not to stop.

As she reaches her second climax she looks into my eyes smiling. This woman, I love this woman. She drives me crazy on every level. As she starts to cum so do I. As our pace slows we can hear that it’s started raining hard outside. Her legs drop, and she sits up wrapping her arms around my shoulders kissing me. She runs her finger down my chest, pokes me, and says “Now, go make me something to eat.”

As I pull my pants up I laugh a little. “Yes, Ma’am. The customer is always right!”
“Damn straight!” She says laughing.

I turn the stove back on. I get the pasta ready to drop into the water, and look over at her. If there is a God then he must be missing her tonight. She definitely fell from heaven, and into my life.

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