The Train to Pleasure

As we left Vancouver Canada on the train traveling East we sat with an elderly couple in the dining car. We had met them at the station, and they just happened to live in Portland as well. Over the next few hours, and a couple bottles of wine, we listened to story after story of their lives together. I could tell by the way she smiled that she envied them. I could also tell by the way she looked at me that she wanted to create similar memories with me. The feeling was mutual.

We said our goodbyes, and made our way to the sleeper car. We had just enough to drink that we weren’t sure which room was ours. We also drank enough that we seemed to forget all inhibitions. I found myself pushing her against the wall to kiss her, and she’d pull me close as if it was our first kiss every time. Finally arriving at our room we agreed that we should get ready for bed and just go to sleep. This is an agreement that we both found we were unable to keep.

As we sat at our window we could see the sun setting. She leaned back into me, I wrapped my arms around her, and she placed her hands on top of mine. We sat silent. I could tell that my warm breath on her neck was starting to arouse her. Her sighs, small moans, and the way she ran her hand over my hands then up my arm following slowly back down. I pulled her closer kissing her ear and neck. She moved her head to the side and gripped my hands with hers. I could see her smiling in the glass. She whispered “I’m yours. Take me.”

I placed one hand under her dress, and ran the other up caressing her breasts. I took my hand, moved it slowly from her breast, and to her throat. I pulled back adding a little pressure while my other hand explored her rosebud and clit. I would pull back with a slight amount of pressure on her throat as I slowly moved my fingers inside her, and release a little as I pulled them out. I would watch her reaction in the glass go from anticipation to pleasure every few seconds. It’s always such a turn on to me watching her glow with such great pleasure. I released pressure on her throat, moved her to the side, and started to undress her.

As I slowly removed her pink thong I ran my hands back down her legs slowly. I rubbed her inner thighs, slowly moved across her love cave, tickling her clit, but just enough to have her moan in anticipation. I stood back to undress myself. As I did she moved so her back was against the window, and started to pleasure herself. “Please…” she said as her breathing started to get heavy. I dropped to my knees, and kissed my way up her legs meeting her hand at a place of Nirvana. After a few minutes I started to stand pulling her legs with me, and pulling her away from the window. I rolled her over, pulled her onto her knees, and we joined our bodies slowly like two lost souls.

As my thrusts went from slow to fast and back to slow she moaned and begged me not to stop. She raised her hands to the windows placing them on the glass as if she was reaching out to gather stars. She started moving her body in unison with me, then slowly back and forth in small motions each time gasping for air, moaning, and letting out soft whimpers. She would occasionally make a fist, hit the glass, and say “Harder!” or “Pull my hair!” and I would happily grant her demands accompanying them with smacks on her firm ass.

In the glass I could see her biting and licking her lips. She would open her eyes and look at me. As she moved closer to cumming she nodding and told he to move faster and harder. I pulled her hair, increased my speed, and thrust myself into as hard as my body allowed. She slapped the glass a few times, and the drove her face into the pillow in front of her yanking her blonde hair out of my hand. She was cumming, and I’m sure everyone on the train knew. I followed with her, and as the train roared along we fell silent collapsing into each other while the sound of the tracks below muffled any other sound.

I pulled her in close, held her in my arms, and let her know how much I love her. If this was any indication as to how the rest of our trip would be then I have a feeling that the memories we want to create will be even greater than we imagined.

Every day with her is a memory I cherish.


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