Cannon Beach

She handled the car like I handle her body, holding tight to the curves, paying close attention to the rhythm, while adjusting the throttle to accommodate for speed and maximum satisfaction. I can see her smile at me out of the corner of my eye, so I slowly look up. That smile. I can never resist that smile. I reach over and take her hand to kiss it. She blows me a kiss, and then her focus goes back to the road. The highway leading to the coast is a maze of twists and turns. She knows every one of them, just like I know hers.

We don’t get to the beach enough, and we live less than an hour away. The Oregon Coast in the winter can often be empty in many places, especially at night. This is what we were hoping for. We arrived at Cannon Beach around seven, and grabbed our bag. We carry the usual Oregonian beach bag, a few towels, a heavy blanket, and a collection of our favorite micro-brews. This time we brought a small bundle of firewood as well. As we hoped the beach was empty, so we walked south to the farthest fire pit, and as I proceeded to start a fire, she opened our beers. We spread our blanket in front of a large log, and took a spot with my back against it stretching my legs to the fire. She turned on a little music, took a quick drink of her beer, and then straddled me. She put her arms around my neck, and hugged me tight.

“I can’t believe how warm it is” she said “and the stars! We can see all of them!”

I wasn’t interested in the stars. She was all I could see, all I wanted to see. As she let her grip loose on my neck I pulled her hair a little exposing her neck, and started to kiss it slowly. Her hair lit by the fire looked like a Phoenix rising from the ashes. The wind was hard enough to muffle most sounds, but not the sounds of her moans near my ear. Her body started to move slowly, back and forth, into a rhythm that reminded me of her precision driving. The only thing she was driving right now was me.

Our blanket was from a king size set. It covered just to the top of the log to the base of the fire pit. I was guessing that tonight we would use every inch of it. I spun her over, and placed her back on the wall. I slowly removed her yoga pants, and was pleasantly surprised at the new pink thong underneath. I removed them slowly, watching her eyes glow by the fire, licking her lips, biting them, in anticipation. With her back against the log, I slowly started kissing my way up her legs. Moving from left to right, passing her knees, slowly crawling my lips up her thighs, my tongue and lips finally met close to her waiting, wet love nest. She moaned placing her hand on my head pushing me in for more. Her back arched against the log as if she was trying to bend backwards over it, or break it in half. She pulled her leg up onto my back and the rhythm from before returned, as she graciously thanked God for allowing us to have this time alone on the beach. After a few minutes she pulled me up to kiss her face.

I pulled her away from the log placing her on her back. Our bodies both lit from the fire, burning with a deeper desire from our souls. She reached up and unbuckled my belt. As I removed my pants she started foundling my cock. As I leaned in she leaned up meeting my kiss. As our tongues got to know each other she bit my lower lip and face. We slowly moved to a laying position, and entered into her becoming one in both body and spirit. The beautiful rhythm returned as our bodies moved together, our shadows dancing like Devils rejoicing, and only the stars to witness our love.

I pulled out and we repositioned ourselves in front of the fire. We hit our knees, and I slowly ran my hands down her back under her shirt. Our pace raced into a gallop, and I took grip to her hair pulling her into me even more and me into her. No words we spoken, nothing needed to be said. As second nature we repositioned again with me on my back, and this goddess glowing in gold mounted me. As she leaned forward kissing me she slowly moved her hips back and forth grinding herself deeper. She took back to the sitting position, and her speed went from a slow grind to a much faster and pleasurable stride. Without a single breath she lifted one leg, and spun her body into a reverse cowgirl. I took advantage of this by spanking her ass and pulling her hair. As we both moved into that perfect rhythm again she informed me, the wind, the fire, and the ocean that she was cumming. I was going to cum too. As her body violently shook she slowed her paced, laying back on my warm body. My hands moved up to fondle her breasts, and we both lay facing the stars. Her legs fall to each side of mine bracing herself, and we just lay there, still both facing up, bodies trembling, and me with my arms wrapped around her with her arms holding mine.

All I remember next was us waking up to the sound of the ocean and seagulls wrapped in our oversized blanket. It was Sunday morning, and the beach would start to populate soon. We quickly got dressed, and I pulled her close to me.

“I love you” I said

“I know” she said with a smile “You better”

She giggles and said “I love you too, let’s go eat something. I’m starving”

We collected our things, and walked holding hands to our car. We didn’t really talk. We were just smiling, and wondering what more the day had for us. We were making love and memories.

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