From all outward appearances Anabelle was just as average as any other woman in her late thirties. She had a job she wasn’t really happy with, she drove an older model car, and even took out her own trash. It was in many of the ways you couldn’t see that she was above average. She didn’t realize just how lucky she was to be her age, and still single until this past weekend. She had several near misses and her share of broken hearts, but she could never really make things work out. She stopped guessing why. She stopped worrying about a lot of things. She was comfortable enough that she didn’t have the perfect body, or that she wasn’t the prettiest girl in the room. She also knew that when she was lonely that it didn’t last long. She could always place a single phone call, and someone would show up. No, being lonely was never an issue. Finding someone who wanted to stay more than a few days was the real problem, but then again she realized this past weekend that it’s been a blessing in disguise.

She left work late on that Friday. Upset and depressed she made her way to the bar she likes to frequent after works. On her few lonely nights she finds solace amongst the other lonely people in Portland where drinks are cheap and music is almost always live. Her taxi pulled up, and let her out. As she paid the driver he reminder her to call when she was ready, and he’d be there on time as always. She liked this taxi driver, Frank, because he has taken her home on some of her worse nights. He’s helped her into her house, and was always a gentleman about it. Her only real problem with his was he reeked of cigarette smoke, and cheap aftershave. This Friday was different. He shaved, he smelled better, really good as a matter of fact, and seemed much happier. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but something was certainly different. She smiled, and assured him that she would call then went inside.

Kelley’s is the type of place that you can kick back, drink, and listen to music without a dozen manwomen want to hit on you. Manwomen are what Anabelle and her friends call the metro-sexual men. They’re too pretty to take home, and are probably really gay just too afraid to come out. Anabelle liked a manly man. Facial hair, chest hair, she loved that. Kelley’s is always full of them, and they aren’t jockeying for position just to hit on you. You could have a few drinks, and a conversation without all of the “Hey baby, can I make you breakfast” bullshit. A lot of local bands play her. Tonight one of her favorites, Throwback Suburbia, was playing. She hadn’t heard of the other bands, but knew they’d be good. Kelley’s only booked good bands, even if they weren’t well known.

She grabbed a stool at the end of the bar and ordered a beer. Portland is big on being local and local brews. Anabelle loved the multiple choices she had in beer almost as much as she loved multiple orgasms. In her mind she had a bigger chance on the beer. She had no idea what tonight really held in store for her. After about thirty minutes her friends Sandy and Mels turned up. They had obviously already been drinking. Mels immediately started hitting on the guy next to her, and they disappeared into the band room to dance. Sandy hugged Anabelle and they struck up chatting about the usual. Sandy went on about her husband, and how perfect he was, well except that he was a drunk and she is always convinced he’s cheating on her. This is where Anabelle counted herself lucky. She didn’t have to worry about coming home t someone already drunk, and smelling like other women. She didn’t have to “plan” time to get away with her friends just to bitch about their husbands. Mels had a different relationship with her husband. As long as she only danced with other man, and brought the passion home he was fine with her going out alone. Anabelle envied that a little, but still knew there was more to it than just the dancing. She didn’t judge. She knew that some people are just better off blind. Mels and her husband seemed happy, so why should Anabelle waste her time worrying about it?

Like most nights, when the music is over, and she knows that Prince Rightnow hasn’t shown, it’s time to go home alone. She took out her phone and called Frank. The taxi pulled up outside, and Frank gets out to open the door for her. Anabelle laughed and said “I didn’t drink that much tonight!” He laughed and helped her in the car. After he shut the door she remembered thinking about how she’s never really noticed how handsome he was. “I haven’t had that much to drink” she thought. “Has he always been this handsome?” After a few minutes he spoke. “Did you have fun?” “I did!” she said, “Thank you!”

“You bet! Did you meet any new friends?”

“Well..” she said clearing her throat, “Not really. Mels and Sandy showed up, but it was the usual with them.”

“Was the music any good?”

She was a little surprised. They’ve never made small talk, not that she remembered.

“Yes, it was fantastic!” and without thinking it through she said “You should come sometime.”

Frank took a minute to respond. He wasn’t sure if she was asking because she was drinking or if she was sincere. He figured at this point it was worth responding. He had secretly liked her, and since his divorce six months ago he kind of let himself go. After another customer told him his appearance and hygiene were deplorable he took it upon himself to clean up a little. It gave him a boost in his self-confidence, and he finally started about dating again.

“Why wait until next week?” he said “I mean, we can have dinner tomorrow if you’re really interested?”

“Yeah, we could.” she said “That would be fun!”

She couldn’t believe that she agreed so easily. She wasn’t desperate, and aside from being her driver she didn’t know much of anything about him. She knew he was a gentleman, and she appreciated that.

After some more small talk they arrived at Anabelle’s apartment. Frank go out to open her door and he smiled. He walked her to the door, as usual, and turned to leave.

“Would you like to come in for a drink?” she said

She immediately thought to herself “Oh shit! That sounded desperate!”

He smiled and walked back to her. As she went to speak he moved in and kissed her. She pulled him close, fumbling for her keys. She stopped him, and they laughed as she unlocked the door.

“It looks like dinner has turned into breakfast.” She said quietly

He didn’t say anything. He only smiled, pulling her close, and removing her coat. Their clothes left a dotted line like a treasure map leading to her bedroom. With passion streaming like a movie Friday night quickly became Saturday morning. Saturday quickly became Sunday, and the few times they stopped making love were for small amounts of food and water. Over to course of her weekend she was moved from wave to wave of pleasure followed by her long dream of a man who could satisfy her hunger in the bedroom.

Sunday afternoon was upon them too suddenly. They discussed their work week, and made plans to see each other. Lunch was discussed, they decided to find a food truck, and share something. They had been sharing all weekend, why stop now? After a quick shower they got dressed, the first time either had worn anything all weekend. He took her hand, and led her to the door. After locking her door they turned and Frank noticed the park across the street. It started raining, and they thought it would be fun just to walk in the park.

But that’s a different story…

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