Second Floor Parking

We often found ourselves walking for hours aimlessly. It was easy to get lost in conversation while walking the streets here in Portland. Since we’ve been married one of our favorite things are our evening walks. We unwind, grab a drink, maybe coffee, and sometimes even a doughnut from Voodoo. One thing was certain, and that was the fact we made it a game to discover some hidden area where we could spend some alone time. The excitement of being alone, and still having the possibility of being caught was something we both found that we strangely loved.
The parking garages are always a good place. During the week many are often nearly empty. This night was no different. She gripped my hand in excitement when I turned into the parking garage off of SW 3rd. We did our usual quick look around. Other than a few cars we didn’t see a single soul. As we walked onto the second floor she turned to speak, and I pushed her against the wall kissing her hard. Her hands moved to the back of my neck pulling me closer. I always love the way she kisses me, licking my lips, biting them, and pouring her open heart into each soft touch of our lips. I let my weight slowly fall into her, and she gladly welcomes my body crashing into hers.
We hear a noise, and stop to look around. We don’t see anything. We giggle like children discovering wine for the first time. She pulls me back into her as those blue eyes burn into me every time I see them. We return to each other’s lips, our breath, as if our beating hearts would stop if they weren’t fed by our desire. We hungered for each other. Not just now, always.
I opened her jacket so that I could feel her breast, and I use my other hand to pull her blonde hair. She places both hands on my neck, and pulls me in for a deeper, harder kiss. I follow the line of her jaw, kissing her sweet cheeks, and then softly biting her neck. She returns with biting my face, pulling at my beard. I push her back against the wall, and start to kiss her neck while I slowly move my hand down her body and into her pants. She’s already moist with excitement. I hold her close while my hand slowly works its magic on her love buttons. In her excitement she bites my face more, moans, and runs her hands under my shirt, digging her nails deep into my flesh.
With every breath, gasping for air, she begs me not to stop. I don’t speak. I continue to softly kiss her neck while gently rubbing her clit, drawing her into a deeper ecstasy. She holds tight, and digs her nails in deeper. Kissing my face she whispers “I love you. I’ll always love you” and I believe her.
As she starts to cum we hear a car pulling in. I don’t stop. I can’t. Her face, that look of satisfaction and happiness, I’m unable, unwilling to take that away. Even with the sound of footsteps, knowing they hear her moans, I don’t stop. Not until she says she needs me to. She never says stop. We don’t believe in a safe word.
The footsteps move away as her body starts to shake and tremble. Giving into her cumming she falls limp into me. I gather her into my arms and hold her close. She’s still moaning, still breathing hard, and the weakness in her knees is too much for her to stand on her own. I gladly hold her up, against the wall kissing her again.
After a few minutes of silence, holding each other she looks up and smiles. Her smile says it all. I kiss her again quickly, then take her hand, and lead her back to the street. “Let’s go home” she says “I need you inside of me”


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