I’m a father, photographer, cook, foodie, blogger, an activist, I love ties, and good friends. Writing and photography are my passion. I’ll spend the rest of my life pursuing my passion (as well as sushi and the perfect Pho!). I love art, art history, and museums. I love yoga! I have worked as a broker, a computer security consultant, and all other hats in the tech industry. I’m a Buddhist. I do what I can to help people, I love to watch people grow and flourish. I spend what little free time I have with my kids. It isn’t a lot, but the times we have are golden.

I’m a hopeless romantic. I believe in soul mates. I would love to find a relationship that makes the Hemingway & Gellhorn romance look like a G rated movie.

I shoot with a variety of both film (SLR and medium format) and digital (DSLR) cameras. I own Studio A Photography in Vancouver, WA. Most of my time is spent in Portland, OR. I’m from Cincinnati, Ohio and if you promise not to tell anyone then I’ll admit that I miss it.

I have recently lost over 100 pounds. All the photos of me are really outdated!

Questions or comments? tanisjustice<@>gmail.com


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