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wordpress design

What kind of dream are you building?

Are you looking for a website or blog that fits your budget? Do you want an effect customer friendly site that represents the best image your company or brand can offer?

I can help!

I have been designing websites for over 15 years. I use WordPress to create a website or blog that doesn’t break your budget and represents the professional image you are trying to give your customers.

I work with well over 500 templates, many of which are free to you, to create WordPress sites that can be customized to your specifications. I work closely with you or your team to create an effect online tool that portrays the level of professionalism you desire, These templates include, but aren’t limited to, online resumes, professional looking galleries for artist and photographers, store fronts, blogs, and many more.

I work with existing sites, use copy you provide, and any photography or graphics you have available. I can also do custom designs, shoot new photography, or write copy at your request.

The only thing stopping you is your imagination.

I offer a minimalist style with the right mixture of creativity and marketing. Your SEO keywords are integrated for quick effective results. We’ll review your needs then define a solution that meets your goals. We work with you to create a design that looks great, is optimized across for all three key devices (mobile, tablet and desktop), while converting visitors into customers. I can help you discover your particular niches of people exclusively using mobile devices to surf the web.

Keeping a few important things in mind: A website that’s easy to use, mobile and hand held capable, as well as fast and secure. I use flexible page templates to help you design a beautiful and productive WordPress site.

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