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I’ve been working hard trying to find people and products I support. I decided that it was time to partner up with other bloggers and small businesses to help bring great products and even better savings for the readers of my blog. Please make sure you check out each company and most important:


Otherwise, you aren’t saving anything and we all know you love to shop!

Uprise Skateshop Corvallis Oregon

The Uprise

The Uprise is an independently owned, brick and mortar skateboard, disc golf
and culture shop that has been serving Corvallis, Oregon and the Willamette Valley since 2006.


The Mystech Movement is more than a company to me. It’s something that has changed my life. They use science that was originally discovered by Tesla to create jewelry that is charged with the 7.83 Hz or “Earth Frequency” to help recharge your body helping it to reconnect to nature and your cosmic center (My words). It’s been a great help to everyone in our home. It helps with everything from pain management to concentration issues. I’ve already sent many of their way and now for the first time if you order online at you’ll receive an EXTRA 20% off when you checkout by using promo code: tanisdisco

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