You asked me

You told me you didn’t think I knew what I wanted
You told me you weren’t sure

What do I want?

I want to be lucky enough to wake up in the morning and find you sleeping next to me
I want to see you dream and watch your chest rise and fall as you sleep and imagine it’s the endless waves of an ocean of love for me
I want to see every sunrise and sunset for the rest of my life with you
I want to walk hand and hand being comfortable with our silence knowing it’s enough
I want to touch your soul and make it smile just as you do to mine
I want to reach across the void left in your heart by so many people who’ve hurt you and pull you across to me
I want to see you smile, every day your smile
I want to see you plump with child
I want to see you grow old with me
I want you to know that you’re the most beautiful woman alive
I want you know that even though there were many before you that you’re the only one

I want you to know…

That I love you.

Only you.