There will always be storms

The wind is blowing to the East
I can see you walking in the field of tall grass near the beach
The rain will start again soon

It’s been raining for weeks

I wave to you
I can see your face change
That smile
You wave back to me
Almost forgetting why
As your gaze falls back to the earth in front of you

The sounds of crashing waves and sea gulls surround me

How I long to be the wind over the grass that touches your body
Holding you close
So near to my nothingness

Yet, here I sit watching
And there you are, walking away

Your dark hair flies violently like an unkindness of ravens
The rain starts to fall
You stand there almost frozen in your steps
Your dark hair sticking thick now to your head
Covering your face

Your beautiful face

Falling to pieces in various forms we collide back into one another
Grasping for air
Reaching for stars that have no names
Begging just to hear the sounds of the three words lost in the wind

I love you

You crash into me as I run to you in the field of tall grass near the beach
Holding you as the storm grows increasingly stronger
Pulling you tighter so that the wind can no longer carry my words away

Holding close we feel no need to say them

Holding on to everything
While clinging to nothing

There will always be storms